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  1. Remember to do annual servicing as suggested in the manual. Clean the belt and pulleys with lighter fluid. And put 1 drop of 3-in-1 oil into the groove of the motor housing. This will keep your SME problem free. The tables are so well made that my SME30/2A has been running flawlessly for the last 12 years with this simple maintenance.
  2. Congratulations. A good choice. The sound will get even better as the cartridge and phono cable run in. If you like it now, you will love analog after 100 hours of spinning.
  3. Zenn (Gabriel) uses a self-made centrifugal force LP cleaning machine. All others use vacuum type. Does not matter which, as long as your records are cleaned to satisfaction.
  4. Analog fact #1 - cartridge (unless super high end and unused) have no or little trade in or resale value. What you spend be prepared to write off. Unless the brand has manufacturer guarantee of trade-in. Then people buy at a scrap price to trade-in Analog fact #2 - unless you are buying a TT well into 5 digits and a demo unit is available, you won't get a home trial. You have to trust your gut feel, knowing that if it sounds good at dealer, it will sound even better at home. It is too difficult to move a TT once setup.
  5. In my book, the hierachy of contributions to overall sound quality from most to least is : 1. Turntable 2. Tonearm 3. Phono stage 4. cartridge Others will have a different opinion Get the best turntable you like and can afford. Better still, buy the one that costs more than you can afford but you really like. As it will stay with you for a long time. A turntable is a mechanical item that lasts decades. It is made with the same precision as a mechanical watch. The price only goes up, never comes down. Unlike electronic devices. Also TT do not become obsolete the moment
  6. OL is within your budget but may not suit your taste since Rega sound is not your taste. Sounds like you are inclined towards the sound of high-mass tables rather than the agile British sound. In which case Clearaudio at HER and Acoustic Signature at Audioline will suit you. Maybe so will the Taiwan made Tien with variable torque drive.
  7. Since you have auditioned the European offerings, listen to the British contingent which offer a different presentation to music. Rega, Mitchell Gyrodac and Origin Live are available for audition in that same corner of Adelphi as the two TT you have heard.
  8. If someone has used Lyra SPT Stylast before, is it good ?
  9. Let me first state that this is in the context of Onzow Zerodust that is over 5 years old. It was been washed and dried few times to remove dirt. Done according to instructions. There may be an unstated lifespan to such products where the gel gets too soft and too sticky in our climate. Based on what jtsamarinda has written, I took out my old Zerodust and did some trials. I have not used it for awhile as I have switched to dry brush cleaning with wet cleaning only when very dirty. My finding is same as what jtsamarinda has written. There is some sticky residue left behind. N
  10. Congrats FG. Only 1 pair? Are you not going to get a matched pair and stack them?
  11. Older Mexcels are good value in the used market. The better and newer cables give more of the good stuff. For the best experience if you can get 1 piece, use it to feed your distributor. Then you have an indication of what Acrolinks will do to your system as you add more.
  12. Use the Acro on your rice cooker. It will speed up the burn-in with that 20-30 mins of very high current passing through each time you cook. Besides the rice will taste better (I am joking on this).
  13. Agree. Sip on a good wine or single malt whisky while listening too. Or if not into alcohol, a good tub of ice cream with music is 👍👍
  14. Just to add. I am a LP person. As long as I start with CD, then go on to LP in a session, all is fine. Only when I start with LP, then go to CD will the CD sound mechanical and lacking in emotions and nuances. Under critical listening conditions.
  15. If you are old school, like me who likes to read the liner notes in detail and appreciate the album cover while listening, simplify your life. Have fewer equipment and cables. Optimise your speakers, amp and CDP. Buy the best new CDP you can afford, or maybe squeeze a bit more. Link all up using good cables. Listening time just sit back and enjoy the music once a CD has been inserted and play button pressed. Forget about file formats, sampling rates, DAC type. Dedicated CDP can play very good music even from the humble RBCD. Just don't do A/B comparisons
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