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  1. https://audio-head.com/everything-you-every-wanted-to-know-about-buying-a-turntable-and-records/ If interested in the topic can click on the podcast.
  2. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/schiit-sol-turntable
  3. Any brother here catch this already. https://www.carousell.sg/p/atc-scm-50-aslt-price-reduced-270673576/
  4. Can watch already. https://intl.startrek.com/videos/star-trek-discovery-season-3-opening-title-sequence
  5. Welcome to middle earth of the vinyl cartridge trilogy . Being the middle child is never easy, often neglected as they do not have quite the dexterity to modulate the groove as its lower output siblings but it can make up with dynamic power and poise. Watch this space for list of top more than 1.5mv above but last than 1mv cartridge. They serve a very important group and I will explain why. I know some of you may say medium output should be up to1.5mv or 2.5mv. I like to focus on this narrower band as I got feedback from brothers about less than satisfactory volume from their solid state mc ph
  6. Guys, you can scroll to the very top to to enter your polls.
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