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  1. Noble is distributed in SG by Musie Sanctuary. You can google for the address and contact number, but it's at the building opposite HRC
  2. He operates from his house in Bt Panjang. I think that's the reason he can sell at lower price as lower operating cost than those that have to maintain store fronts. You can drop him a PM as he's quite prompt in replying to queries
  3. Already available for demo at Absolute Sound since last week. Retail at $22k
  4. Mission 753 driven by Arcam Delta 290 can still consider old school?
  5. I saw a demo 2Qute at Song Brothers, Funan.
  6. Just when I just bought the Soundlink Mini last week :p
  7. Cool! Just wondering as the price difference between the two is only US$100, but as the sq is not compromise, then it's a good choice.
  8. Any particular reason you choose the small KGSSHV over the full size KGSSHV? cheers,
  9. Can check with E1 Audio at Far East Shopping Ctr as they do bring in Schiit products. Pricewise, I reckon slightly below $200
  10. Excellent stuff bro... Really enjoying my MDR-Z7 driven balanced from Oppo HA-1
  11. Brand new, sealed in box Oppo balanced headphone cable. Model BHC-3, 3 meters, OCC cable with 4-pin XLR plug. Selling for $130, negotiable. Viewing and inspection at Tiong Bahru Plaza/MRT. SMS/whatsapp me @ 9695 9two4two for details or inquiries.
  12. The built-in DAC for HA-1 is DSD-capable. If you were using the AK240 as the source at Song Bros, most probably you were listening through the RCA input, so you bypass the HA-1 DAC. I placed a deposit for an HA-1 pre-order but in silver, so might only receive mine in July as Oppo Digital website now change the ETA for silver colour from end June to July
  13. What is your budget? I know Bladelius Freja comes with 2 pairs of RCA output and 1 pair of XLR output
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