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  1. Collected a number of Supreme powercords, ethernet and USB cables today....ho hoi sum... Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  2. Saw this....maybe the reason is for DV playback the LG W7 is still doing TV-led, so only RGB DV 8bit is being output? Since Custom EDID #10 is not possible (picture came out grainy), so Automix is used for LLDV output.....mmm.....how to force it so TV-led will not happen.... Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Doggie, am pondering this....when playing a real 4K DV UHD disc, vertex2 outputs under Automix mode (forced DV/player-led) 4K24 8-bit RGB DV.... The question is whether this is the default player-led DV output, or it can go better? I think I saw many screenshots of folks with 4K24 444 BT2020 12bit output to their projectors... Any guys who use Sony 4K players (x700/x800/x1100) managed to get better player-led DV output than 4K RGB DV 8bit? Or it is only Oppo player can do the job.... Sony x700 was bought to experiment this player-led DV. Maybe AppleTV can do thi
  4. Friends, Am slowly coming back to hifi over the past few months, and trying to find time for the hobby...some of the excitement is coming back (like doing AB)...experimentation abound... Ansuz continues to be the base foundation for the comeback....only with good power will music touch the heart. Have been having good results with the Supreme powercords, Supreme PowerSwitch, Supreme ethernet cable, Supreme XLR IC so far....the Supreme powercord vs DTC2 powercord is a revelation that I will not forget, more memorable than the last AB done between Audio Research Anniversary 40 ver
  5. Have not bought CDs for a long while....these 2 kick-starts the process. Heard the 3rd song from this lady, really felt her pain at reaching 30 years old... The other CD is taiwanese tribe music...one great production if you like this genre... Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  6. Sharing some 1080p BR of Oblivion, upscaled to 4K 444 HDR BT2020 12-bit, using player-led (HDR, not DV)... Still hope some gurus here can help with my questions a few posts earlier....thanks
  7. Wall mounted tougher to change...unlike opening up the W7 soundbar, much easier.....they need to unmount the TV...I was told. Enjoying the TV now....much much less noise....more musical, clear, and naunced sonics. My mission completed...fixing the power and noise....the overall noise was down from original 1400mV 6 weeks ago to now 72mV with the TV switched on...
  8. Power Board changed....measured kickback noise dropped from near 400mV to 130mV....it is a drastic reduction! LG men mentioned there are 4000+ units to change....better book your slot fast....the drastic kickback noise reduction is already good to go for it asap...
  9. Guys, will require help...I have been configuring my Vertex2 the past weekend till now but with limited success.....anyone succeeded in using EDID profile 10 for LG W7 (should be similar to LG C7 or equivalent, supporting HDR and DV)... The goals for me is 2-fold: GOAL #1: Playback 1080P BRs discs using player-led DV from Sony x700 4k player. GOAL #2: Playback Youtube videos from the Youtube app on Sony x700 to better resolution, also player-led DV. GOAL #1 Test Results: EDID->Custom: So far after testing EDID profiles #1 up to #14, only #11 (4K HDR BT2020) is
  10. It should appear in TV Message like below...message received today Sent from my SM-G988U1 using Tapatalk
  11. After recently changing the graphic card and OLED screen....today got a message on the TV asking to get the power board change. Arrangement made for tomorrow PM for the power board change....used to find the sound bar of the W7 very hot to the touch....now I know why.....phone agent mentioned the new board is supposed to have less noise and heat and more efficient. I eber measure the noise generated when TV is switched on....adding about 400mV of noise to the power distributor (kicked-back noise from internal SMPS). Hopefully the noise get reduced...
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