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  1. Set of 4 comes with box. Ideal for Hifi equipment footer. Physical condition 8/10. $200 fixed,self collect at Simei. 81272968 for more photos
  2. 2.7m pair length bi-wire. comes with box. Reterminated with Acoustic Rivive RBN-1 & Oyaide SRBN. Total cost of cable+banana plug already $1.7k Now selling at $800. Natural,open with good bass. Self collect at east/Simei. 81272968 for more photos if keen, trade welcome(Aes/power cord/interconnect) Thanks
  3. 81272968 if u have 1 for sale. Thanks
  4. more laidback with tight bass,thanks.
  5. blue colour sq pcs?ok,will try it.thanks
  6. good morning to all, currently using the original rubber pad provided by skylan,but am looking for any good recommendation to put in between shl5 & skylan stand. any bro that have used alternative & achieved good result? thanks.
  7. in fact before I gotten skylan,i did make enquiry from tropical,but they only sell the open frame stand provided I buy harbeth spk from them. stand not for sale alone. :-[ :-[
  8. bro,u r back from hoiday ah? after I half filled the skylan stand,it so much better now, bass also improved.
  9. any bro change skylan 4p18 stock spike to "better" one? mine already rusty & also find it very tiny. any chance to buy locally?i am using taoc spike footer under it. Thanks.
  10. Yes, after removed the Kitty litter, back to the sound I like. Total k.l removed-6kg per stand. Haha.
  11. Thanks bro watchdog, will try it tmr..
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