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  1. Definitely better than geekbox. Haven tried the voice ctrl yet. You hooted any new boxes lately.
  2. Hooted evpad 5p Pro. The speed is gd and pq not too bad. They loaded a live sport chann just for sports
  3. Sales stuff told me go for 5p Pro. It runs on 2 servers instead of 1. Price 229. I checked with evpad Msia they do not have a pro version. Pro meant for spore.
  4. Bro tks noted. The sls sales stuff showed me 5p they using jupiter. I know 3s still using Mars.
  5. Sls got pro. Think gimmick. Might as well go for 5max than. I call tomo how much they selling 5max. Bro u visited the SG phone stall at clementi?
  6. Ok song liao. What's r latest hp. Mi 11 ai choot lai liao. Reviews say beat iPhone 12 anytime. Knn than sold out in 10secs. Maybe sell 2 sets nia. Ha ha
  7. Was trying to search for this tread. Tks pschia for the tip. According to shop at sls. 5p. 5p Pro direct access to server no rerouting. Another shop on 2nd fl also selling evpad. I chatted with evpad Msia. They reply that 5p Pro is spore set and no sports channel. I was like wtf...... Maybe I confirm again with sls stall.
  8. KR u migrated to Aussie land. Didn't hear fr u for sometime.
  9. Looks like pool losing rhythm now my top same pts
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