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  1. Like to know Wen. We can try your service
  2. Item: Ansuz Ceramic Power Cable, 2m, 15A Location: East Coast Singapore Price: $1700 with Furutech NCF Male Plug Item Condition: Pristine with Box Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Cash or Paynow Extra Info: WhatsApp 9671153zero Photos (you must include photographs here):
  3. Item: Ansuz Ceramic power cable 20A, 2 meter Location: EastCoast, SGP Price: $1500 Item Condition: pristine with Box Reason for selling: not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paynow Extra Info: WhatsApp 967115threezero Photos (you must include photographs here):
  4. Fitted With Furutech NCF female plug $2100 on one end. 967115threezero
  5. Looking for the above. WhatsApp 9671one53zero
  6. I have the Schiit Mani which I upgraded the onboard regulator to Belleson and using a R-core transformer to power the phono which has a Furutech IEC. The Sound improved quite a bit and of course the cost as well :). I have also compared it to the LP33 Line Magnetic Phono, although the LP33 has a better and more refined sound, the upgraded schiit is not bad.
  7. shocking and equally sad that people don't learn.
  8. New old stock, in Box. Only taken out to test. $100. WhatsApp 96711530
  9. Guizu Diffuser 500x500mm $150 or 2 units WhatsApp 96711530
  10. A) hdtv_noobie B) chaozhoi (and CO) C) Khun/Wilber D) Ronildoq (free in April & May) E) wizardofoz + friend F) Jag G) ginamos H) kaydee6 I) jeffong J) ccyao H) sevenz (i'll try to make it! ) L)zuko J) LancerCK (& CO) K) FookLai (Free after 27 Apr) L) honyewl M) detusche N) Mok
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