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  1. As expected but I think khabib couldn't care less. He will walk away from UFC anyway sooner than later.
  2. It has been building up to this climax. Khabib himself was remorseful and apologized for his action which he admit was inexcuseable. Let's see what punishment will be handed out by the NSAC. Suspension and fine probably. I guess McChicken and his crew had it coming. Trash talking about his family, his religion. Attacking the bus Khabib and his family was in. He picked on the wrong guy to mess with. I believe Dana White wanted this to happen. Winding up your opponent before a fight is normal but I felt a line has to be drawn and not cross. Tony Ferguson (another trash talker) will probably be u
  3. Try Koba @ People Park Centre. Do a search on Ebay.
  4. Brazil won it in sweden back in 58
  5. Managed to find out what caused the short in the output trans? They are OEM Sowter by the way.
  6. Limitation of a SE amp doing well in the lower bass register is mainly due to the low damping factor and the lack of inductance in the output trans. The size of output trans generally tell you how much inductance you can expect from it. As such, the heavier the output trans, the higher the inductance resulting in better bass performance. Of course, a set of high efficiency speakers does help as well. There's always compromises that we need to make depending on what our priorities are. SE amp is about the mid-range performance upward. This is why a multi way system excels. Then agai
  7. Agree. I have the classic record release of LZ2 which imho, sounded stunning.
  8. Bro, I believe yours is a US pressing but specially for export based on the blacken "columbia" wording. Don't think it's a Singapore pressing per se. I have a Dire Straits' release of "Love Over Gold" on Vertigo white label that I strongly believe is UK pressed but album indicated marketed by Polygram Records Ltd Singapore. Sound wise is superior to all version I've heard so far.
  9. Nice to see you back. I believe the L75 would probably outperform the other 2 after your refurbishing job. Plenty to do in term of mods and upgrades. Any chance of going the PTP way? What arm and cartridge do you have in mind?
  10. Type 27 is not an easy tube to work with. on top of a clean filament supply, it's well known to be a microphonic tube so plenty of isolation is needed to tame this beast. Or, you can buy a handful and select the quietest among them. Post some photos of your preamp by hosting the photo on photobucket or other hosting sites and post the link to it.
  11. Is it running on AC or DC filament supply? Do you hear it through your speakers when you tap on your preamp?
  12. Why not give Feastrex a go which I believe will suit your taste.
  13. Bro, he listening to 8" AER in Oris horns.
  14. Damn...never failed to give me a rush when ever i see this amp :)
  15. He's a friend from work... ;D
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