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  1. If budget is a concern, you won't have many choices as SW12 is indeed very VFM. With a special deal, it is even more attractive especially with multiple subs. I assume you have read through this thread as it will give you an idea of this sub.
  2. William 9009 056. Just sharing a good contact previously from the Xtremeplace. Good quality curtain with an attractive price point.
  3. Can't you get a replacement from SVS directly or look for KEC who is the local dealer?
  4. Bro, can share more info on the EDID issue. I just hoot a 32” for my wife in the bedroom. I am also keen on the new Q75.
  5. I have to admit their library of movies is better now and hope the downgrading of format is a temporary measure to mitigate the bandwidth issue.
  6. Realised that the audio format also downloaded to a lossy format. Watching To the Lake and later episodes were in lossy audio format unlike earlier episodes.
  7. Look like LG service has up a notch nowadays or is it due to the pandemic so they can spare additional manpower?
  8. Thanks, Desray. I restart the ATV and it works now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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