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  1. Just setting up a 5.1 system in my home. anyone has a softcopy of the Emotiva UMC 1 manual? Lost mine and I think they do not have it online anymore. Not sure if the UMC 200 is the same. Separately, can anyone tell me how can a person conventionally add a powered subwoofer to 2 .0 setup using the UMC1? My sub is the XREF 12 connected via some budget XLR cable. I originally thought I could find an option on the UMC1 menu to add a subwoofer but it seems I cannot. Appreciate any help here.
  2. For what it's worth, I realize the nonsense I was spouting above. Source makes quite a big difference to SQ. Tried HiMedia 910A, ACRyan Veolo and Dune HD Base 3D. Using the same wires throughout, Dune had the best separation but the difference with Veolo was not very significant. Himedia was the worst. It actually sounded harsh. Test setup HiMedia 910A / ACRyan Veolo / Dune HD Base 3D into Emotiva Optical Cable Emotiva XDA2 Emotiva XLR Cables Emotiva Stealth 8 Personally, I like coaxial more based on experience. The setup I listen to though is to replace the optical cable w
  3. Thanks all. Visited a few forums and realized I need to bursh up on my Chinese a lot... haha...
  4. Back to the subject of media players. Not sure if these are available in SG but has anyone considered the Himedia series? For the pricing point, they have quite a bit of functionality. They also support 3D but I do not have a 3D TV to test performance though. If you can get past the "Made in China" label, they might be worth a look based on price. http://www.himediatech.com/list.php?cat=1
  5. Hi All, Looking for a wireless audio transmitter/receiver to function just like a cable to connect my receiver to the rear amplifier. Only one I have managed to find is the Audioengine W1/W3. Others like the Rocketfish and KEF systems seem to have inbuilt amps into the receivers which I cannot use. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has them, any recommendations for those that can withstand interference (my router is just beside the shelf holding my receiver)?
  6. Thanks very much for the help. Audio - Yes agreed, especially on the Chinese bit but I am in HK. haha...
  7. Just moved to HK from SG. Wondering if anyone knows any online audio forums worth visiting? Particularly those with a 2nd hand marketplace. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi All, I have an SRT file for an overseas movie. I use AnyDVD to rip the files onto my PC. Anyone knows how to add them into the rip? Searching internet turns up posts from 2009/2010 and some vague references. Anyone know? Yours Terence Lee
  9. Thanks all for the help. Esp on Blu ray transfer rates. I keep forgetting Wiki is my friend. Looks like I'm back to lugging USB HDDs around my house. That is until I find it in me to lay the wires...
  10. Thanks. I will probably need to increase the number of bays soon. Any recommendation for the NAS drives that I should look at (probably looking at 4 bays)? Also, since I am on this topic, what bays with good speeds and cloud support do you think are worth checking out? Cloud is not for vids of course. More for having a source of photos of my children I can show friends on demand.
  11. Thanks. Agreed on the homeplugs, I realized it only after investing in a number of homeplugs... 3 meg/s transfer rate clogs those machines that are connected by homeplug... oh well... My HTPC is fine. It is the best... of roughly 2 generations old technology haha... But seriously, playing a blu ray iso off my HTPC's HDD is fine. But playing it off the Stora, connected via LAN cables to my HTPC, is also choppy. Data transfer rate is around 20meg/s, which I thought was normal after comparing with some relatives. As for players, playing blu rays off USB HDDs always work fine. Any idea what k
  12. Wondering if someone could help out with this query. I currently save all my video and audio files into a network drive and stream them throughout my house for viewing using a combination of home entertainment PCs and media players. Video files in particular are all stored in iso format. My aim is to be able to stream blu-ray video throughout my house. Questions are, are there any retail level solutions that enable streaming of blu ray videos through the network? Also, what kind of transfer speeds are required (both blu ray HD and 3D)? My setup Netgear stora Netgear Rangemax Dual
  13. Thanks very much. Just what I needed to know. Basically just wondering whether the amp power v speaker power ratio would cause problems. If you are using XPA1, it should be ok. Reason for asking was because, I have no experience so I have to read the online "theories" and they seem to suggest that amp v speaker power ratio should at most be 2x. I would never run the speakers at full vol but still was wondering if this could cause problems for the speakers.
  14. Has anyone ever tried Emotiva speakers, namely the ERTs? Was looking at some others until I came across Axiom and comparisons with the Emotivas. More appetite whetting is the idea that Emotiva actually is coming up with a new speaker line from the podcast. Anyone tried them before and how are they? Also, assume you went by the current ERT specs (max 500w, 4 ohm), I know you can generally get an amp that is more powerful than the speaker but would the upcoming XPR2 (1000w 4ohm) be too much?
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