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  1. If there's anybody who has Hiromi Haneda's music in FLAC format, I would appeciate if you can share the music via PM. In return I can share any similar music which I have. Please PM. Thank you.
  2. Same experience and agreed, for both power cord and interconnects. If you have limited space behind your hifi rack, more problems as these cords are so stiff they cannot easily bend to form a small radius. It may sound silly but I was fighting with the cables to get them to connect at the connection points without having to damage them. I was afraid that excessive force used to bend the cables to shape, particularly to form a small radius may damage the conductors. A cable holder such as the Furutech NCF booster will be very handy to secure and support the plugs at the components i
  3. Guess what, I too have Chord DAC and Harbeth speakers. In my case it's a QBD76 and SHL5+. Your comment on the differences between Kimber 1136 and Acrolink 8N-A2080 Performante is interesting. More so when the differences are described to be noticeably significant in balanced interconnects. I briefly checked on the Kimber 1136 and it's quite an old model more than 10 years old. Good to note the Kimber is more resolving, transparent and vivid sounding than the Acrolink. Your 8N-A2080 Performante is supposed to be superior to my 8N-A2080III Evo but it's still less detailed
  4. Wow, that's surely a full Acrolink setup from top to bottom. I just lost out on the speaker cable front as I m using Chord Signature XL speaker cables. Interesting comment on the 8N-A2080 Perfomante vs Kimber KS1136 interconnect. Are they RCA or XLR? I have the older 8N-A2080III Evo XLR and do not have the luxury to acquire other interconnects for comparison. Hence I don't know where does the 8N-A2080III Evo stand in terms of performance but the whole system surely sounds stunning at the moment and I have no more desire to find out or fiddle with more upgrades. Also, I have run out
  5. A thing I have learned after swapping the cables several times is they need 3 days to sound good after they are adjusted in shape or position with an equipment swap. The system will sound dull and shut in without the glowing tube-like treble right after the shape of the cables has changed to accommodate the placement of different gear. Also, setting up is important to ensure the cables are performing at their optimum. If possible, don't let the power cords touch the interconnects and speaker cables, or the wall behind and floor. The system will sound dull or 'wrong' if it's not set
  6. Interconnects or power cords? Would appreciate if you share your experience. The Acrolink power cords (and interconnect) are a game changer in my system, especially the power cords. Without the Acrolink cables, I wouldn't be getting the stellar sound quality I'm getting now. The hifi sounds very mediocre, actually dull and unexciting without the Acrolink cords. These cables really transformed the components from ordinary to extraordinary. They are really quite special.
  7. Chord QBD76 DAC, Luxman L-590AXII and Marten Duke 2. Cabling; Acrolink 7N-PC9700 Acrolink 8N-PC8100 Perfomante Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR Chord Signature XL speaker cables
  8. Hi Wusplay, I think someone wrote on the first few pages of this thread that the Acrolink power cord is the strongest amongst the line, meaning that the power cord will bring the most impact compared to their own interconnects and speaker cables. I don't have experience with Acrolink speaker cables, and I only have a pair of Acrolink interconnects (XLR) and do not have any other interconnects to compare. Based on this most recent experience where I am able to compare the Acrolink power cord to the Wireworld Elektra 7, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Acrolink power cord. Just a c
  9. Last update of the day. Reinstated the 8100. Listened to a song with the Wireworld and then swapped the cords and played the same track. When the system was fired up, it felt like a subwoofer was added to the system. The bass quality is very different with the 8100, a lot more bass pumped out. Improvement in both quantity and quality, more defined and punchy bass apart from going lower. Quite a stark difference in the bass department. The Wireworld sounds lightweight in comparison. The crystalline highs and 3-D feel are also back. A costly but worthwhile upgrade with th
  10. Post-impressions after spending more listening time with the 9700+Wireworld (8100 removed). Overall sound is slightly duller due to reduced illumination or glowing treble. The sound of percussion and thwack of drums loses a bit of rawness, sounding slightly soft or rounded at the edges. The magic of the 8100, I think I may find a more suitable way to describe it. Apart from all the other positive attributes, it's the glowing tube-like treble which gives instruments particularly piano a more realistic 3-dimensional feel. With the removal of the 8100, the sound becomes a
  11. Merry Christmas all. Just thought I'd give this thread a little update. I'll make it short to avoid being long-winded. Well, I was really waxing lyrical about the Acrolink cords specifically the 9700 and 8100 combination, the latter recently added to complement the 9700. I have been listening to this setup for 3 weeks now and it's settled down rather nicely. Very good sound! I wanted to post this update as I just swapped the 8100 out and replaced it with the Wireworld Elektra7 on the Chord DAC. The 9700 is still on the amp. Before I got the 8100 I have already enjoyed t
  12. Update. After 2 weeks, I found that the 8N-PC8100 Performante works better on the DAC than on the amp. The 7N-PC9700 goes back to the amp at it sounds better there. I can't really pin-point or describe in detail on the differences. In very brief words, music just sounds "right" when the 8100 is on the DAC and 9700 on the amp. Switch the cords around (9700 on DAC and 8100 on amp), there is slight loss in clarity and detail in the midrange as the edges get a little smeared or blurred. Music sounds softer with reduced punch, dynamics and attack, sounding slightly restrain
  13. Currently mine is at $20k source/amp + $20k cables if based on retail new prices. Not exactly the wisest allocation of funds but the end result is what that matters. I would feel less guilty if the cost of loudspeakers are included together with the equipment. The Acrolink Mexcel cords have surely finished the system. They are not cheap but the impact they bring is nothing short of breathtaking. Initial worry of the 8100's performance during the first few hours has, fortunately, turned to delight. Highly recommended for folks who can accommodate these cords in their systems.
  14. With this sort of performance from the Acrolink cords, I will also need to find time to reinstate my Naim amps which have been in cold storage for several months. They might sound radically different now with the cords. Problem is music sounds great at the moment and I have little inclination to mess with anything at the moment.
  15. The energy from the treble(notes) is amazing. In the previous setups there are many occasions when the sound is dull or flat, I will need to turn up the volume to get some of the energy from the notes particularly the treble. With the 8100 and 9700 on board, I need to turn it down now. Listening at moderate or even low volumes, piano sounds crystal clear and lit. Although the notes sound amazingly lit and lively, it managed to sound smooth at the same time as well with digital noise or smearing (whatever you call it) filtered out or eliminated. It may sound contradictory but it sounds lively a
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