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  1. To put a closure to my case, I just fired up the system and listened for couple of minutes and it was still lacking something. So I took out the rubber footers and reinstated the Ceraball Spider. The sound got a little better but still, not quite up to the mark. So I rechecked everything including the cables to ensure they are not touching anything. Finally, I found that one of the Cerapucs is dangling off the base and thus not forming a firm contact on the floor. I spent about half an hour to reinstall the whole thing and upon completion, fired up the system. Listened for couple of minutes. P
  2. Thanks again for the advice. It's good to note that you have experience with Ceraballs as well. I'm currently still on the stock FE rubber footers but will probably switch to the Ceraball Spider tomorrow. The FE Spider rack actually has the Cerapuc at the bottom. When I checked the levels at the platform with a spirit level, I noticed that one side is higher than the other side. Hence the levels at each Cerapuc at the base of the rack were adjusted to bring the levels back to equilibrium. After the levels of the rack (together with the curvature and shape of the Acrolink Mexcel int
  3. You know who.. hehe. Also, the other member who recommended the 8N over 7N interconnects. I do not have the luxury to compare many high priced boutique cables in my system due to limited funds. Hence I didn't compare other similarly priced cables to the Acrolink. Nevertheless, there is no doubt they do have some magic dust in them. I particularly value the "signature" tube-like treble which is very nice. The illuminating glow with piano in particular, and the burst of energy and dynamics. One does not need to crank up the volume to appreciate the dynamics in the music. That's a won
  4. Tried to log on to Stereonet forum this morning but couldn't do so. I presume the server was down during this brief period. The Acrolink cables are still going strong in my system and very likely staying for good. At times I still think about the higher range interconnects not only from Acrolink but other makes too as a potential upgrade to my 8N-A2080III Evo XLR. However, after reading the experiences of few 8N-A2080 XLR owners on another forum I ditched the idea. I believe the current 8N-A2080III Evo which I have in my system right now is already very good, so I decided to stop l
  5. Just typed a long message here just to lose it after I accidentally hit a button on the phone. Lost the whole message. Won't retype the whole thing. Anyway, hope everyone is well. Just to update that I still have the Acrolink cables in my system abs they surely deliver the goods. Great cables. Thanks to all who have steered me to this direction. They are not cheap by any means but are worth every penny to me.
  6. I only tried the Furutech NCF booster. Only one piece on the power cord entry to the amp. Yes. It does bring a positive difference to the system, in my case an improvement. Overall more controlled and focused sound as opposed to smeared without the booster. I didn't try adding more to the system although I was told that 2 or 3 may bring more gains. I received advice that too many of these devices may cause the sound to turn dead. Too much of a good thing.
  7. The Luxman L-590AXII is very good. It sounds very close to neutral, leaning slightly toward warmth. Although it's a smooth sounding amp, it is also detailed, delicate and nuanced in its delivery. The other option of a high quality integrated is Pass Labs Int-60 but I'm not sure how it will compare to the Luxman. At this level it is a matter of taste and also how the amp will match to the speakers. If you happen to settle with the LLuxman I'm quite sure you will not be disappointed.
  8. If there's anybody who has Hiromi Haneda's music in FLAC format, I would appeciate if you can share the music via PM. In return I can share any similar music which I have. Please PM. Thank you.
  9. Same experience and agreed, for both power cord and interconnects. If you have limited space behind your hifi rack, more problems as these cords are so stiff they cannot easily bend to form a small radius. It may sound silly but I was fighting with the cables to get them to connect at the connection points without having to damage them. I was afraid that excessive force used to bend the cables to shape, particularly to form a small radius may damage the conductors. A cable holder such as the Furutech NCF booster will be very handy to secure and support the plugs at the components i
  10. Guess what, I too have Chord DAC and Harbeth speakers. In my case it's a QBD76 and SHL5+. Your comment on the differences between Kimber 1136 and Acrolink 8N-A2080 Performante is interesting. More so when the differences are described to be noticeably significant in balanced interconnects. I briefly checked on the Kimber 1136 and it's quite an old model more than 10 years old. Good to note the Kimber is more resolving, transparent and vivid sounding than the Acrolink. Your 8N-A2080 Performante is supposed to be superior to my 8N-A2080III Evo but it's still less detailed
  11. Wow, that's surely a full Acrolink setup from top to bottom. I just lost out on the speaker cable front as I m using Chord Signature XL speaker cables. Interesting comment on the 8N-A2080 Perfomante vs Kimber KS1136 interconnect. Are they RCA or XLR? I have the older 8N-A2080III Evo XLR and do not have the luxury to acquire other interconnects for comparison. Hence I don't know where does the 8N-A2080III Evo stand in terms of performance but the whole system surely sounds stunning at the moment and I have no more desire to find out or fiddle with more upgrades. Also, I have run out
  12. A thing I have learned after swapping the cables several times is they need 3 days to sound good after they are adjusted in shape or position with an equipment swap. The system will sound dull and shut in without the glowing tube-like treble right after the shape of the cables has changed to accommodate the placement of different gear. Also, setting up is important to ensure the cables are performing at their optimum. If possible, don't let the power cords touch the interconnects and speaker cables, or the wall behind and floor. The system will sound dull or 'wrong' if it's not set
  13. Interconnects or power cords? Would appreciate if you share your experience. The Acrolink power cords (and interconnect) are a game changer in my system, especially the power cords. Without the Acrolink cables, I wouldn't be getting the stellar sound quality I'm getting now. The hifi sounds very mediocre, actually dull and unexciting without the Acrolink cords. These cables really transformed the components from ordinary to extraordinary. They are really quite special.
  14. Chord QBD76 DAC, Luxman L-590AXII and Marten Duke 2. Cabling; Acrolink 7N-PC9700 Acrolink 8N-PC8100 Perfomante Acrolink 8N-A2080III Evo XLR Chord Signature XL speaker cables
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