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  1. I want to buy this LP as well. Where can I buy it? Thanks
  2. I was offered $2900 for the display set with 3 years warrabty on 20 July Saturday by the SE Jerry. Thanks goodness, I declined but was interested with the 65" GX800 at $2099 for a new set.
  3. Thank you for your info. Have visited their showroom and will make a decision soon. Cheers. Edwin
  4. Hi. I am interested to get a 65" Mi TV. Where did you see the setup and what is the price.
  5. Thanks for sharing Yang! Which location I could view the full range of Sharp TVs.
  6. Thanks Knight_Rider!! Done that, closed IE and open with FireFox, I have the pictures..
  7. My PC is not able to show pictures/photos on this site. Need advice please.
  8. Hi to Bro or Sis who own TCL TV please share your review. I am waiting for the 65" Curve TV to be available. The current 55" Curve TV, 55P3CUS at SGD799, are sold out from Giant Supermart. Thanks.
  9. Selling the pair of Martin Roland bookshelf speaker with speaker wire and Lepai Mini Amp @ SGD150.00. Please contact me via SMS or WhatsApp only as I am wearing a hearing aid. Each speaker weighs 8lb.Refer to Gumtree (Stuff for sales-Misc Goods) to view photos.
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