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  1. Item: Fidelio Encore Location: Singapore Price: 5000 Item Condition: Good working condition Reason for selling: Changing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Selling a pair of beautiful sounding Verity Audio Fidelio Encore speaker in black piano finish, I bought the pair from a friend about 5 years ago use in my listening room and polish regularly with piano polish so still looks shiny for a 12yrs old. The upgrade/replacement for Fidelio is selling for much more and if you decide to buy new Verity the dealer will buy back the Fidelio at my asking price. The
  2. Item: OL Turntable Location: Singapore Price: 4500 Item Condition: Good working condition Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: A plug n play TT playback system bought from Modular Audio, boxes n accessories will be provided. Encounter arm comes with Origin Live cable. Ortofon Quintet Black non 'S' is rare on the market, The non 'S' uses boron cantilever which is stiffer and lighter has better playback qualities. unfortunately Ortofon switched to sapphire due to world wide shortage of boron. Do note my cantilev
  3. Managed to identify all the tubes, thanks for the help once again!
  4. Will give it a try, once again thanks for sharing!
  5. Good day to all the tube forensic experts, can help me identify the following tubes? All I know is they are either 12AX7 or 12AU7, I lost the labels and the markings are all gone ??? TUBE no 1: It has what looks like letter "L" or number "7" at the bottom https://photos.app.goo.gl/ugmTHViQZuSWCrpf7 TUBE no 2: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HdoLVNNcALHZKPji8 TUBE no 3: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z3aj1i2kwMXwuKAJ9
  6. I am looking at that option too, it maybe more cost effective to go for a different sub. Not really critical adding a sub in my smallish listening room, I just want to try it out. Once again apologize for hijacking this thread, btw ATC rocks!!!
  7. Sorry OT a bit.... @mousike, may I know how you connect your JL sub, is it from the line level or high power speaker terminals? I am thinking of experimenting the same thing but found out impedance of the sub is too low for my preamp. The only option for me now is via the high power output from my power amp. Any idea where to get high imput connector for JL sub? I called SD they said must special order.
  8. Your TT is acting as a receiver picking up noise from any of your power supply (usually power amp), try using your preamp ground connect it to a cable and touch various parts of the TT, tonearm or chassis (do not go for live cables :P), check if hum gets softer. I have the same issue some time back, once I connected a wire from my TT motor to my preamp chassis hum went away.
  9. Just to add, if remote not working due to alkaline batt leakage can try cleaning the terminals with with acid. I have saved many remotes using cooking vinegar, if able take out the terminal plates, soak them in vinegar then rinse with isopropyl alcohol .
  10. Koetsu with FR64S On a401 is quite a treat to listen to. Interestingly Shindo's Garrad on a Denon103 Cart, perhaps ppl with such Shindo setup can shed some light.
  11. I was asking myself the same questions too.Regarding the cost, like what Jag mentioned the table itself is not too expensive but you can go crazy with all the exotic upgrades and fancy plinth or go real cheap if you decide to diy. A good example is what John Devore's did, simple open plinth made out of ply wood. One thing I would advise is to get your table from reputable restorer, this will minimise the risk and gives you peace of mind. My objective is not to better my current setup but to venture into the realm of idler wheel tt with vintage arm and low compliance cart. As for now it i
  12. Finally completed my 401 project (tweaks to come :)) although the TT was restored by professionals, putting up all the bits and pieces and matching for components has been a great learning journey. Highly recommended for those of you who are thinking of embarking on such project.
  13. Will slowly look into upgrades, for now just want to enjoy the setup. Kokomo used to be known for wearing out the spindle, not sure about MK3.
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rAeMoPLX5JuSLd1c8 One of it is an arm stabilized for my FR64S tone arm.
  15. Congrats bro, it looks stunning hope more Garrard user will join in to share resources. For those DIYers, It took me a while to locate a workshop owner who is able to help me to fabricate bespoke parts out of stainless steel/wood using CNC and milling machine. Best of all he is careful handling the gear I passed it to him did an excellent job and his charges is VERY reasonable. I have no commercial interest in this nor is related to the owner just like to share my find with XP members. His contact is :96925161/Tan Yew Chee, his workshop is in Ubi Road.
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