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  1. Size does matter indeed for the new D2 Mainz8 Power Distributor.
  2. Remember to also factor in the additional cost for the upcoming upgrade to the AVC-8500HA, if you decide to.
  3. Recently, Bro GS came to my place and passed me 2 of his new Ansuz Sparkz TC2 and told me to just try it out and, what a discovery that was, it is now stuck in my system since then and I told him its a keeper for me and I want to have it. With his usual great bro service, he immediately said I can have them for a token sum since I am his regular and one of his first bro to try it out and liked it. With the 2 Sparkz TC2 now in my system, my soundstage expanded and opens up with more depth and a tighter & full-bodied bass and more details with the noise floor dropping further so m
  4. Ok, thanks Peng, really appreciate your advice.
  5. I have done that, Peng; both the sub levels in the AVR are all up to 75% with the rest of the spkrs balance within range but I still need to increase the gain on the sub to about 1 to 2 o'clock. I also tried to play with the phase but found it best to leave both at near 0. What I did not try is the Bass Boost toggle switch, which is left at Rm Adj (toggle switch down position). Should I toggle to 20 db boost (toggle to up) or 0 (toggle to mid), will that give a better bass?
  6. Already decoupled the subs from the Xilica since switching to RCA connection and have redo the sub setup via the AVR and this is the best I could achieve just need to crank up the vol to beyond 12 o'clock to achieve the effect I desired thus causing the Sub to run hot easily.
  7. Bro Peng, both my KK are each placed to the left & right of the screen to even out the bass as too high to stack. So far so good as managed to achieve the tightness of KK and feel the low rumble & impact from my sitting position though will need to crank up the vol to beyond 12 o'clock to achieve that.
  8. Nice stack but b careful one day the 2 Beobricks with the bride may decide to commit suicide n jump down due to the constant rumble or the rubbish bin may topple from the heavy bass impact. ;D ;)
  9. Bro liewlian, long time no hear and hope to hear more often from u here and see the revival of the king of Ansuz again. :) From my AB, its obvious the DTC2 beats the DTC hands down with better & bigger bass & sound stage as well as more resolution with a lower noise floor. You can really hear and feel more of the music as compared to the DTC. :o Unfortunately, I can't get my hands on the DTC Supreme to do an ABC, else I believe that will beat all the rest undoubtedly. Also good not to be poisoned further as the Supreme will be beyond me. ;) I was able to get the new DT
  10. Once again, am honoured to be one of the first to own this latest King of the Hill, the new Ansuz DTC2 Power Cord, courtesy of bro Giraffe Signature, of cos. ;)
  11. Finally, the new king is in the house as Santa Clause came early again this year. ;D Thanks bro Giraffe once again for your unbeatable deal & great service. :D
  12. Awesome recording indeed, and as usual, no disappointment from Stereo Sound Jpn. A worthy LP to add to your collection.
  13. $6-7k for a Denon AVR, :o wat are the specs to command such a pricing? ???
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