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  1. Item: Acrolink 7N-PC 7500 Mexcel Power Cord Location: Singapore Price: $2000 , New $2900 Item Condition: Almost like New Reason for selling: Wish to try out other power cord for better system matching Payment Method: Cash, Paynow Extra Info: This power cord was bought from Xaudio, first owner. If interested pls message in forum. No lowball pls. Cable is very well balanced and suitable for most systems. Its not fussy. Cable is out of stock from manufacturer and shops. Downside from 2k buy most prob in 2-3 hundred. 7
  2. Item: Silver Tellus and 3 entreq grounding cables. Location: South , habour front Price: $1200 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Running out of space Payment Method: Pickup, cash Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here):
  3. hi guys, may I know if there is any shop selling Octave re320?
  4. Hi everyone, is there anyone to recommend? items include speaker, hifi rack - entire set up and house items. Do I need to engage two different movers?
  5. Anyone selling. Checking out. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. Approx 5.5 yrs old. In good condition First owner. Bought 42k. New usd 45k. Selling usd18k. Price is what quoted in UK and USA for used. Interested, email at cck401@yahoo.com or message me. Hard to find replacement . Most prob not selling .
  7. Hi Bros, got two to sell. Manufacturer date jan 2014. Used for 1month. Bought 275, selling 225. Hardly used. It's for nas . Htsg enterprise 3 tb 7200 rpm for Nas drive . 10 yrs warranty. Haven't register for warranty. Warranty can check online for Hitachi, htsg
  8. Halo bros , any kind soul to recommend a quiet fan to replace my 1515+. Dun know why it's been running loud
  9. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/vivid/1.html Described vivid speaker very well.
  10. Like blue starfish, I had the job circuit for a short while of 2 yrs. it has been very memorable n a mistake of me to sell it. The one I had hv a sweet and exquisite voicing.
  11. Anyways I'm considering to offer sale at 1700. Contact me if keen. Few months old.
  12. Most prob they will launch a thiel 3.8 using coax design with 'improved crossovers' In few yrs time, double price. Sales tactic. ;)
  13. Dun think it's usd 65k . Discounted basis quite ok. Plus trade in some stuff. Should be ok.
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