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  1. Hi Peter thanks for your explanation. Can you tell me what are the differences for U1 & U1 Mini? Especially in term of sound quality? Is it a significant difference in SQ? The reason I ask is because the price is 3 times difference, try to justify the cost of upgrading :)
  2. Would Lumin app be updated to allow upsampling to DSD256 or DSD512?
  3. I think that’s native file playback. For U1 Mini Option screen, the upsampling for PCM is only up to DSD128 option. Unless there’s a new firmware update to allow higher than that?
  4. Lumin U1 or U1 Mini does not support Upsampling to DSD256 or DSD512?
  5. Hi , I am new to Lumin app. I found that every time I play a song be it from my music library or Tidal, Lumin app will transfer the song to a Lumin Playlist, and the next song continue Lumin playlist. Can I just play a song & continue from the same album/playlist in Tidal or music library?
  6. What’s the foam that u mean? Where is it?
  7. Hi, has anyone owned this speaker and can give some comment on the sound quality? Is it easy to have mould on the the speaker driver due to our humid weather?
  8. Does anyone compare the sound quality of Pro iDSD vs Benchmark DAC3 vs MyTek Brooklyn DAC+?
  9. I have tried many WiFi Bluetooth speakers in the market. If u want WiFi + Bluetooth, the alternative to Sonos is Yamaha’s latest MusicCast 20. Only the MusicCast 20 that sound good to me, other model or previous version are not that nice. MC20 can also be set to stereo mode via WiFi which sound pretty good! With MusicCast Sub 100, u can have a 2.1 system wirelessly, which is very cool!
  10. So far I m not that impressed by 606. I think 603 sound much better than previous generations
  11. For Xeo, i think they are using Excite series drivers
  12. Has anyone compared the sound quality of these 2 ? Please give your feedback.
  13. Hi i am looking at these 2 streamers. Do you have any feedback on these 2 models ? Which one has better sound quality for streaming Spotify and Tidal?
  14. Selling price: $2700 * Superb quality made in Italy * Very good sound DAC * Analogue sound with tubes * AKM DAC * Good Bass and wide soundstage DAC30 – USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter The Blacknote DAC30 is an asynchronous Digital-to-Analogue Converter features high-speed 480Mb/s data flux USB port being able to play high resolution music up to 24/192. The DAC30 is powered by four coaxial, one Tos optical and one XLR AES/EBU digital inputs combined with two high-speed USB ports and one coaxial digital output enabling one of the highest flexibility unit of the marke
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