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  1. Goat curry is quite popular in Jamaica, you can find it at The Lime House, though it is an upscale place http://www.limehouse.asia/#menu
  2. Have you seen Victoria: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4226388/ It will fit your theme, it also manages to be a 2.5 hour, single cut film, largely improvised to the story outline. Quite an intense ride and accomplishment. Birdman and 1917 are just made to look like it is a single cut but aren’t. I will try to seek out Russian Ark
  3. Good question, not sure. I still have play around using a my Laptop as a player, not even sure my laptop supports 4k off the top of my head. I was too focused to try to get Atmos to work for Netflix without buying an AppleTV
  4. I had been using a Nvidia Shield for Netflix but frustrated as it does not support Atmos for Netflix though I believe it does for Vudu and Amazon as well as playing files from a NAS. I had debating getting a AppleTV just for the ability to do Atmos over Netflix but managed to do it from my Winows 10 laptop. It depends on the Windows build and you have to use the Netflix App from the Windows Store and not play from Chrome/Firefox.
  5. 10 Promises to My Dog https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1179271/
  6. Another dog movie for you that you make roll your eyes but may make you shed a tear instead
  7. While modular, don't assume that it is future proof. I had one of the earlier modular NAD processors and only a couple modules ever released that it supported which I didn't need. But the current modules are not likely to be able to be used in the processors and receivers that are a bit older and have older processors. In the end, my processor bricked about 2 months past warranty and the quote to fix was too high and they weren't sure if exactly what was wrong. I grew up always having an NAD so sort of have a soft spot for them but haven't kept up with their products lately.
  8. I would strongly recommend The World of Kanako, they follow up film by the same director. It stunned me the first time I watched and features a great version of The House of the Rising Sun. this is not a trailer but features clips put to the music:
  9. Why would you need a 2k BD? and for the next poster, can you not use many 4K BD as the input for other devices like Starhub?
  10. Ah, there never is a single-easy solution. I will check to see if it is still available, it would help me simplify my system
  11. Tidal support by any chance? Then I am sold. Assuming there is stock
  12. Wait, the 205 can Rip? I have already done most of mine. I hate that I forgot 2 of them
  13. I still have a 95, To buy or not to buy, that is the question...
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