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  1. Item: m508+p308 Location: singapore Price: 1800 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal etc. Extra Info: Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  2. Hi. Looking for someone that willing to drop by my house to check and repair my speaker woofer. 1 side got 2 woofers. 1 woofer softer sound. Another side no issue. Will be rewarded handsomely when fix. Model: TDL REFERANCE STANDARD
  3. Hi, my sub just died on me. Cannot power on. Is there anyone that can help to fix? Pls kindly advise. Thank you
  4. Hi, is there anyone that can guide or help me to bridge my power amp? I scare I do it wrongly and spoilt my amp. Pls kindly advise. TQ
  5. Contacted Alfred. Seems like a nice guy.. will try his service and see how. If cannot then will look for others...thanks all for the advise.
  6. Thank you bro nfnc.. I will ask for his advice
  7. Main I know the contact pls. Thanks a lot
  8. My Marantz sa15s1 cannot read disc. Anyone know anybody that can repair it for me? I don't mind if he can come over to my house to fix it. Thanks... thanks...
  9. Condition 7/10 due to age and humidity Works perfectly. I think this is quite rare in 2nd market Selling at $1000 Interested SMS me at 97700559
  10. Anyone letting go one of this pls kindly SMS me at 97700559 Thank you
  11. Disc tray cannot open and close. This is the only problem. Can be fixed easily. I no time to bring this to fix so selling at a reasonable price. Comes with wooden case and original working remote. Looking at $800 ono. SMS me at 97700559
  12. I got a pair. Unused. Quite heavy. Contact me at 97700559 if keen.
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