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  1. Probably Cyborg I guess. Let me see if I can confirm it from another article or source. [Update] Yup. Looks like it's him. SOURCE: Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Breakdown: 30 Story Reveals & Secrets (Scroll to #5: Cyborg's Powers And Training Revealed)
  2. An updated teaser for the Justice League: Director Cut has been released. Looks like they change the name again. It's largely the same teaser as the one previously released but there is a few additional scenes here and there. There is nothing significant though.
  3. Another Arrow-verse show is ending its run. The upcoming Season 6 of Supergirl will be its final season. SOURCE: ‘Supergirl’ To End With Upcoming Season 6 On The CW I can't really say I'm surprised. And rather than looking at it ending, I say the show has been given 5 extra seasons by virtue of moving to The CW. The storytelling has not always been stellar and I am not a fan of The CW school of 'in-your-face political correctness' school of stroy-telling. Nevertheless, Melissa has been a terrific Supergirl and the cast has mostly been quite good. So I'm not going to lie,
  4. After the gigantic cliff hanger the writers threw us at the end of S2, it's good that we are getting a S3. [embed=689,349] [/embed] SOURCE: HBO Max Greenlights ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 3: DC’s Misfit Superheroes Set Return To Save The World – DC FanDome
  5. NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2 [embed=689,349] [/embed] 2020 is beginning to feel like the forgotten year in cinema. I will not be surprised if some of us has forgotten about this film. :P
  6. That's actually super brilliant on the part of the movie marker to 'coerce' people to watch the movies more than once! ;D
  7. When Zack Snyder's Justice League was annouced, there was hint that it may not take the form of a single movie. It's now confirmed that it will be available as four separate one-hour installments. SOURCE: Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Director’s Cut Will Be Four Separate One-Hour Installments On HBO Max; Trailer Drops Knowing HBO, I'm guessing it will be a 1 ep per week instead of Netflix's binge release.
  8. Well, it does not really look too bad when the Cheetah is in motion. All super-hero CGI looks bad when you freeze-frame it like that. So it's quite normal.
  9. Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Main Trailer [embed=689,349] [/embed] In a switcharoo, Steve is now comics relief as opposed to Diana in the first film. So many things wrong with the trailer. Where to start? Lasso to deflect bullets? ??? Lassoing a lightning to swing like Spider-man? ??? Donning the Golden Eagle to fight The Cheetah? ??? Hopefully, the final film would be better.
  10. The Batman - DC FanDome Official Teaser [embed=689,349] [/embed] The big one! It seems that the only constant for the Batman franchise is the neverending controversy surrounding the casting of Batman/Bruce. Robert Pattinson does not looks half-bad in the suit. He moves well, he fights well. I think he will be alright. But I'm not totally convinced about his Bruce Wayne persona. He just does not have the frame like Ben does. He does have the square jaws though.
  11. THE SUICIDE SQUAD – DC FanDome Exclusive Sneak Peek [embed=689,349] [/embed] The 1st Suicide Squad by Ayer was not necessarily bad. I just think he got screwed by the suits like Synder. Hopefully, JG will get to realise his visions with no suit interference because this looks incredible. Here's a helpful roll call video for those who may not be familiar with all the characters featured in the trailer. The Suicide Squad - Roll Call [embed=689,349] [/embed] I admit that even for a DC fanboy like me, a few are not familiar at all. :P
  12. Black Adam - Official Teaser (2021) Dwayne Johnson | DC FanDome [embed=689,349] [/embed] More an animated/concept art teaser than a live-action but The Rock is box office gold now so hopefully it will be good. JSA is going to be part of the plot and Hawkman and Dr. Fate will be part of the movie. Hope we get a decent Hawkman this time and not the dud we got from The CW.
  13. Zack Snyder's Justice League - Official Teaser The football game detailing the origin of Cyborg will be restored in the Snyder Cut. With DC Fandome dropping in 24 hours, expect a lot of DC contents for all upcoming DC films like The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, WW84, Shazam 2 and of cos Zack Snyder's Justice League.
  14. I give credits to the producers and writers for their ambitions. As was their decision to include an obscure team (ok ok a member ot the said obscure team) - The Seven Soldiers of Victory . I doubt many DC fans knows much about this team. The climate climax was frankly The introduction of Eclipso as the Big Bad for S2 is a mouth-watering prospect. Eclipso is a super-villian that has given the JLA a lot of problems in the comics. How would team JSA junior fare? Of cos, they have some trump cards relics in reserve - Green Lantern, Dr Fate, Thunderbolt (maybe a few more I have m
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