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  1. Zack Snyder's Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max ICYMI, this is going to be a 4-hr epic.
  2. I am not sure if anyone is still following this show but S08 hasn't really live up to expectations so far. 3 episodes in, events has changed drastically and the evolution of Liz as a character has seemingly taken to the dark side. While it may be understandable to a degree, some of the decisions that she took was just too hard to watch and at a point, it become indefensible. Having invested all these times in the show, I am reluctant to drop the show (as I had done with Batwoman). But if this is the trajectory of the story-telling for the rest of the season, then I thi
  3. Trailer given the BABYMETAL treatment 😁
  4. Release date: March 26, 2021 What the ??? Godzilla is the villain? Unacceptable!
  5. Yup. They looks so familiar I guess you need to hide them behind a paywall. 🤪 So really no idea how familiar they really are.
  6. Very flattered to be called out but I probably not as big of a movie buff as you make me out to be. I tend to be super selective on my movie choice and is usually 'behind the curve' a lot. I have not seen many 2020 movies (possibly less than 5) this year to contribute significantly. Frankly, I have not heard of any of the movies on the list. 😂
  7. I'm arguably the biggest (self-proclaimed) DC fanboy in this forum but even I find it hard to argue with CASH sentiment. I knew that WW84 will have a tough act to follow after the excellent debut in 2017. And I was not under any illusion WW84 will surpass it. But seeing the trailers give me a glimmer of hope that it will at least be a decent follow-up. I was wrong. (May contain spoilers so please don't read further if you have not watched the film. Just realise we don't have spoilers tag anymore so a dozen of so blank spaces will have to do)
  8. Probably Cyborg I guess. Let me see if I can confirm it from another article or source. [Update] Yup. Looks like it's him. SOURCE: Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Breakdown: 30 Story Reveals & Secrets (Scroll to #5: Cyborg's Powers And Training Revealed)
  9. An updated teaser for the Justice League: Director Cut has been released. Looks like they change the name again. It's largely the same teaser as the one previously released but there is a few additional scenes here and there. There is nothing significant though.
  10. Another Arrow-verse show is ending its run. The upcoming Season 6 of Supergirl will be its final season. SOURCE: ‘Supergirl’ To End With Upcoming Season 6 On The CW I can't really say I'm surprised. And rather than looking at it ending, I say the show has been given 5 extra seasons by virtue of moving to The CW. The storytelling has not always been stellar and I am not a fan of The CW school of 'in-your-face political correctness' school of stroy-telling. Nevertheless, Melissa has been a terrific Supergirl and the cast has mostly been quite good. So I'm not going to lie,
  11. After the gigantic cliff hanger the writers threw us at the end of S2, it's good that we are getting a S3. [embed=689,349] [/embed] SOURCE: HBO Max Greenlights ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 3: DC’s Misfit Superheroes Set Return To Save The World – DC FanDome
  12. NO TIME TO DIE | Trailer 2 [embed=689,349] [/embed] 2020 is beginning to feel like the forgotten year in cinema. I will not be surprised if some of us has forgotten about this film. :P
  13. That's actually super brilliant on the part of the movie marker to 'coerce' people to watch the movies more than once! ;D
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