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  1. Adding to the listing. The bulb usage is about 1180hrs. And due to covid and inability of showing in person the functional test. I will post photos of the condition of the projector in working condition. if you are not agreeable with the arrangement, please seek elsewhere. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Item: as titles Location: Tampines Price: both $1000 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: lack of use Payment Method: Cash, Paynow Extra Info: if selling separate will be $700 for screen and 500$ for projector. Photos (you must include photographs here): Please ensure you have read the Classifieds Guidelines.
  3. Memories of murder Mother Roaring Currents Old boy trilogy The Host
  4. Think the 4300 is able to pass through 4K signals yah.
  5. You can 1) log into your router’s IP address. Most of time is Then from there, you should be able to find out the IP of your NAS. 2) Another way is to download the DS finder app on your phone and log in from there using Quickconnet since you not sure about your NAS IP. 3) Another way is to use any browser on your Computer and go to http://find.synology.com/ Also when you mentioned assess the the audio station or media server, are you looking into managing individual files like windows explorer? You should be able to map you NAS via finder in
  6. Why don’t you assess via browser using your NAS IP? Assuming you want to assess via Lan and not remote. From there you can assess DSM
  7. Eventhough did not have the Atmos version, But do check out relic. An Australia film. The effects are good.
  8. Agreed bro. But for improvement in HT, guess adding a center may has the biggest gain in terms of performance.
  9. Any reason you did not consider getting a Center? As for HT, the Center and the subs are probably the most important
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