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  1. I have had great experiences with PureAudioProject. I put these ones together back in 2014. Then played with the higher-end Stellar12 in 2016. It's a great company to deal with.
  2. Well I received the UHD3000 last week and am a couple of movies in now. I love the interface, video and sound quality are exceptional. To me, video is sharper over the Zappiti, but most importantly you don't need to run an external server with Zidoo. Dolby Vision is a big plus for those with suitable TVs. My Sony 4K projector can't do much with DV of course so not much use to me. I'll be sitting down for a in-depth comparison shortly. I use Roon semi-exclusively for music, and this model is not Roon Ready despite saying so on the website. I hope they fix that soon.
  3. Well done. Looks like a professional job!
  4. Arghhhh ... it would kill me knowing it was a fully booked show, going ahead, and then not being able to travel to it due to border restrictions. I do hope for the industry sake it goes ahead, but part of me is still sceptical regarding the attendance rate, particularly international attendees (outside EU).
  5. Spoke to Reavon, it's just a lot of hype at the moment. I'm glad they're not rushing it to market full of bugs though.
  6. Great work Bill - I can't wait to visit once the borders reopen! ?
  7. No Int'l pricing released yet, but so far €800 and €1600. Not cheap at all.
  8. Looks interesting. You beat me to this thread to post it up ? We're attempting to get one in for review to put through its paces.
  9. Any user feedback on the UHD3000 from anyone as yet? Thinking of getting one in for review and possible purchase to replace my Zappiti 4K HDR Pro which continues to have issues and incompatibilities.
  10. As a 6-series user, I totally agree with all said here. I also have an iHealth BP monitor and weight scales, which as mentioned, syncs with Apple Health. Overall, the iWatch is very reliable, bug-free, and works very well for all fitness and health related tracking. I recommend it.
  11. Great speakers, have spent much time with them. Good luck with the sale!
  12. Local info and pricing here: https://www.stereo.net.au/news/kef-rolls-out-new-technology-with-announcement-of-kc62-uni-core-subwoofer
  13. Pioneer/Onkyo both owned by Onkyo Corporation, which has been looking for a buyer for some time now.
  14. When multiple companies have looked at a take over of Onkyo Corporation, and walked away, the writing is on the wall. Pioneer has continued to split its divisions and distribution, and slowly dwindled more and more. They stopped innovating a long time ago, and they were held up by the DJ division for a long time. Matter of time.
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