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  1. As a 6-series user, I totally agree with all said here. I also have an iHealth BP monitor and weight scales, which as mentioned, syncs with Apple Health. Overall, the iWatch is very reliable, bug-free, and works very well for all fitness and health related tracking. I recommend it.
  2. Great speakers, have spent much time with them. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Local info and pricing here: https://www.stereo.net.au/news/kef-rolls-out-new-technology-with-announcement-of-kc62-uni-core-subwoofer
  4. Pioneer/Onkyo both owned by Onkyo Corporation, which has been looking for a buyer for some time now.
  5. When multiple companies have looked at a take over of Onkyo Corporation, and walked away, the writing is on the wall. Pioneer has continued to split its divisions and distribution, and slowly dwindled more and more. They stopped innovating a long time ago, and they were held up by the DJ division for a long time. Matter of time.
  6. It appears you are a hi-fi dealer? These forums are for private ads only. Please see the pinned post in Commercial Classifieds.
  7. It appears you are a hi-fi dealer? These forums are for private ads only. Please see the pinned post in Commercial Classifieds.
  8. I found the list confusing too in that I only recognised one of the movies mentioned (The First Cow). 2020 has been an odd year for box office releases for obvious reasons. Many went straight to streaming, others I believe have been held over to 2021. Good news for us next year is there will be plenty of new content!
  9. Differing opinions here which is OK and debate is welcome, but please do not resort to personal insults and respect differing opinions. 🙂 We can all learn and take the advice, along with discovering things for ourselves.
  10. The DALI label is good, as good as any other "audiophile" label in my experience. I have most if not all DALI CD Collections, and the vinyl too. Not sure there is a "hype" but the recording quality is great.
  11. The Commercial Classifieds Forum is only for advertisers and paid sponsors of StereoNET.Asia. For advertising and paid sponsorships, please contact eugeneng@stereonet.com. Thank you!
  12. Can highly recommend AV Intelligence having seen the finished work of their projects.
  13. Just to be sure, is this happening at all times, with all sources and resolutions? I have a couple of year old Sony 270ES, and I get this only on my Zappiti media player (albeit without the vertical lines), and only when forced to 1080p (for the GUI). There is a fix via my Lumagen, but it's only a configuration issue and not a projector problem in my case.
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