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  1. The release notes also mention you must download the latest version of Dirac Live, so there is likely some additional bug fixes relating to DLBM in there also.
  2. I haven't tried it yet (have to unplug the Trinnov so not easy to swap). Some beta testers have it already, but it should be officially released this week.
  3. Big update coming for JBL SDR-35/SDP-55 this week (v1.42) - probably for Arcam too.
  4. https://www.stereonet.asia/forums/announcement/1-please-includes-photos-in-advertisements/
  5. Please add details of the item for sale, along with photos.
  6. Welcome @xdaggersoul - we look forward to your contributions to SNA.
  7. Please let me know about the quality of the GnR pressing. I have been looking at that one.
  8. Welcome @Eggmeister - good to see you over the other side 🙂
  9. Welcome @Music Photo Life - great to have you aboard. I already follow your website.
  10. Welcome @pompon - big fan of OB here. I have owned a few PureAudioProject OB speakers. Are you familiar with those?
  11. These arrived today from Chasing the Dragon label. Very, very good mastering and pressing. I know what I am doing the rest of my evening 🙂
  12. Please include photos of your advertisement.
  13. I wouldn't bank on 2021 yet at this stage with international borders .... unless you're happy to quarantine when you get back 😞 Always keeping busy. 🙂
  14. It uses the same platform as the JBL/Arcam but seems to have a different department managing the firmware. Definitely more stable than the JBL/Arcam at the moment according to AVS forum users. It's got a better DAC than the other two from memory, and no Dante, but not sure what other differences if any.
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