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  1. wow!!! he really went indepth into all readings!! 1) i have 2 Dedicated lines into the MCB for my hifi/ht. ( done about 3 years ago) 2) i changed out all my house wiring about 2 years ago for all the others. even the whole MCB box was changed to a new one(Hager Brand) 3) i have a 1st Generation Plixar Bac 3000, Weiduka 8.8, Tacima CS929, ETKG YB-600A, and a exotic DIY Rose Gold 6 us power outlet. 4) readings from the dedicated Hifi wall point to the Plixar was superb!! 60+ 5) readings from the dedicated Hifi wall point to all the other brands gave a reading of 1600+
  2. 20200829_183440.mp4 Did this video previously. This would be with the Aircon switched on and using the greenwave
  3. The fast, dry, quiet Devialet sound is already a good match for the Accordos. It gets even better once SAM is introduced for your speakers. If you like the sound with good digital sources, then you are already on the right track. However, the Devialet digitises the analog signal from a TT. IMHO, the phono input of the Devialet is its Achilles heel. Connect a good external phono stage (with right gain and impedence loading set), then feed the output direct into the Devialet line level inputs and see if the sound improves significantly. If your budget allows for a very g
  4. I buy 70% isopropyl alcohol from Guardian. Then add 8 to 10 parts distilled water to it. I only use alcohol when the mold is very bad. Spray the alcohol over the entire surface. Let it stand for 2-3 mins, then rinse off thoroughly with distilled water or tap water and let dry. Only after this will I start regular cleaning cycle with commercial fluids. The alcohol is only to kill mold spores so that the mold will not come back for a long time. Note that alcohol is damaging to records in high concentrations and make records sound bad. So use diluted alcohol only as a pre-wash when it
  5. please do call me at 96660233, u can come and measure all readings to post here. do bring any buddies along too.. but lets stick to a maximum of 8 due to the stupid covid laws. can also do demo of whatever you have in mind, i am a retiree, so i have all the time in the world to enjoy this hobby. but 5.30pm onwards, i got my 2nd hobby, which is to drink at the kopitiam. 9.30am to 5.30pm, monday to friday i will be free. sat n sun is my stressfull day as the wifey is in to scream her head off!! so its no go for sat n sun. my address is at the bottom of each n every post i make. c
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