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  2. Powerful 3010s2 stereo amp in black 110w to 8ohm won in a shootout with naim xs2 and rega elicit. $1,100. 9026 6I76
  3. You can get from Aliexpress or Taobao. They have all kind of adaptors. I bought mine from there. Locally, you can check carousel, there are some customised cables adaptors.
  4. I’m selling my Focus Audio FS 68 sig with Foundation Designer stand for S$2,200 here: https://carousell.app.link/Avg7kb5YOab
  5. all along I was on cassette as it was so much cheaper than vinyl. Then I remember my father bought the first philips CD player.. it was 14 bits!
  6. This is now the calibrated BenQ 5700 using player led dolby vision processing from oppo 205 with a HD fury fantastic HDR now ! Dolby vision rules picture quality is stunning, this is just from a pj that doesn’t cost a bomb , here is another review done recently elsewhere in another country
  7. I have a Epson L800 which comes with a CD carrier. However the CD surface needs to have that coating that can be printed on. I suspect this printer is out of your budget...
  8. Okay thanks. So only option for me as you said is from 3.5mm male to 1/4" female. Even this option is not that common. I did try ask Stereo but they only have the "plug" type, not the cable type.
  9. HTP-1 no need, 110/230, power amp yes, only 110
  10. Isn't the monolith HTP1 US voltage - need to use a transformer in Singapore? Similarly the monolith power amps looks very good but same voltage issues...
  11. https://reelthoughtsfromageek.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/mini-series-the-haunting-of-bly-manor-2020/
  12. Same same, I had Rega and LP12, Musical Fidelity and Naim amps, Rogers and Mordaunt Short spkers. Now like you, left with SME Table and Arm.
  13. Selling @ $900 due to upgrade. Condition 9.5/10
  14. Same same. My British product now is left with TT, arm, phono stage and signal cables. At one stage in the early 2000s, I was on full British gear. Influenced by the UK magazines. Full Exposure 9/14/4DR electronics, Nottingham Analog TT, SME V arm, Living Voice speakers. Resting on Target racks and a Mana TT stand, wires from Cable Talk. Very enjoyable system which I kept for a few years
  15. You can't use a non balanced headphone cable and plug with the 4.4mm (pentacon) and 2.5mm balanced outputs... use a 3.5mm to 6.25mm (1/4") cable doing so with a non balanced cable and plug will blow the Fiio balanced amps so heed my warning or you risk damage. or but a pentacon 4.4mm cable to HS800 connection. These are available at places like E1 maybe or stereo or music sanctuary or other online shops
  16. During early 80s, What HiFi, Hifi Answers, Hifi Choice were expensive due to high currency exchange. I remember going to the library every month to borrow these magazines and had it photocopied at the bookshop leaving out all the advertisement. Even then, alot of my pocket money went to the photocopied magazine. Yes, those British brands you mentioned were often rave in the magazines and my dream set up at that time was Linn LP12, Naim amps and Linn/Celestion/Rogers/Mordaunt Short speakers. Since that my system has evolved to what it is now, no more British eqpt in my setup except the TT
  17. $58 fixed price. Price is for a pair. I have two pcs left. Burson top of the line opamp. Single Opamp. Pls check Burson website for compatibility. I would not be able to advise. Lots of info there. This is the opamp to go to. 97430266. Contact me only if you are ok with the price.
  18. lets see how is the response from Acarm/JBL users on new firmware, I would be very surprised if Arcam really manages to resolve the most funtion issues with 1.42, 😃
  19. stormaudio seems doing well with DLBC
  20. Integrated amplifier from mass market Jap brands like Technics, Pioneer, Akai etc in the 80s and early 90s were full of bull****, with the exception of some models from Kenwood and Sansui. Akai and Aiwa used to gloat high power PMPO for their hifi system in full page ads in our Straits Times then. Wasted my hard earned $ in NS and giving tuition for these mediocre disappointing integrated. The Japanese were only good in cassette decks and build quality with a lot of bells and whistles those days.
  21. For sale or trade due to moving. Rare unit - year 2020 unit ( black colour) asking 20,000 or exchange with sopra no.2 with TOP up on buyer side. Photo on request pls contact 96four nine one four zero nine.
  22. The release notes also mention you must download the latest version of Dirac Live, so there is likely some additional bug fixes relating to DLBM in there also.
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